CIBIL - Credit Information Report for Consumers

A credit information report plays a key role in a lender’s decision when applying for credit, so its important to monitor it on a regular basis to check for any inaccuracies. The Credit Information Report is a compilation of your credit history. The data in the CIBIL, Credit Information Report is based on the information provided to us by all our member banks, financial institutions and other credit grantors.

What information does your (Cibil) Credit Information Report cover?

Your Credit Information Report contains information regarding your credit accounts and details of any credit applications you have made. It contains all the public and private information recorded in your name and available to lenders carrying out a credit check through cibil.

What are the benefits of obtaining a copy of your Credit Information Report?

As your credit history plays a key role in your ability to obtain credit and on what terms, it is important to understand the information that is shared by lenders with a credit information company, such as Cibil. By understanding your credit history it enables you to take control of your financial situation, make informed financial decisions and also helps to protect yourself from identity theft.

How to apply for your CIBIL REPORT or Credit Information Report?

I. Please upload your KYC here below or call us at 0814310223 for assistance. II. To ascertain your identity and ensure that only you have access to your Credit Information Report, we require you to send us self attested photocopies (a signed photocopy) of the following documents:

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