Clean Info Credit Services (We formally call it as Cleanics) is a pure Indian based company made for Indians. It continues to grow its relationship base and develop innovative products to help consumers better understand their credit. Cleanics helps an individual and non individuals to manage clean credit, Clear bad/Inaccurate credit, assist in loan offers and automate / easy decision making to lenders. Cleanics give consumers quick, easy, and fast access to their credit reports and provide clean error tracking report. We provide customer with credit reports, credit resolution, credit monitoring, and other credit related information services. Cleanics product assists clients in managing the financial aspects of key life events and helps to connect them with cibil who offer clean credit information services relevant to that life event.

Cleanics develop and manage customer relationships to help increase profits, good financial health and opportunity by providing clean confidentiality to understand, manage and protect identity theft with their personal information.

At cleanics our credit analyst believes in educating awareness on credits report & financial management. Because now its time to educate adequate financial literacy in public.

Now days the banking segment is the one where most consumers begin their financial journey. And it has been observed that though the industry has seen a rapid growth, its consumer is still not powered with knowledge. The word 'consumer Knowledge' is hardly taken in the right spirit. For those who sell certain banking products, an educated consumer can put customer supporter in awkward position. However Consumer education makes consumers buy, settle, close loans at right price, which helps the banking institution grow in the future. A financially literate consumer can use better banking services for his benefits, his family benefits and frequently the growth of the society.

We at cleanics believe in empowering the consumers with basics knowledge of borrowing, their credit scores and awareness on functioning of credit bureaus. We at cleanics take initiative on behalf of consumer to walk on the right path of financial literacy to help individuals learn credit basics, borrow wise, and repay on time. This attains meaning with our engagement and remains with you for a lifetime.

Our Vision

We create a win-win situation for both the consumer and the lender by ensuring ease access to credit for the consumer and improving the credit quality for the lender. It is in everybody’s interests to have a strong credit and where consumers understand the importance of maintaining a good credit repayment history. It’s therefore important for you to understand what we do, why we do it and how we work to benefit you as a credit repair consumer, the lenders and the wider economy as a whole. As the first Credit repair & Customer beneficial Company we are passionate about the benefits we can bring to India and are keen to de-mystify our operations.

Our Mission

“To be trusted partner in progress by leveraging quality human capital and setting global standards of excellence to build the most valued financial conglomerate”


Cleanics is committed to creating long term economic value for all its consumers, including investors, developers, affiliates, employees and the society as a whole. Cleanics is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical and professional conduct in all its corporate activities.


Credit report, restoration, financial clearance & Financial consulting services.